Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tobago Branch Afternoon of Excellence

The Tobago Branch shared their talents in displays and performance.  
On display was Sister Hendricks and Sister Goddard's art work, Sister Dookran's sewing, Sister George's flower arrangement and handmade cards, and Madonna's drawing of a bird.  
Brother George played the harmonica.
 Elder Jeppson played the flute.
 Sister Hendricks on the piano.
 Elder Goddard on the piano.
 Che and Destin dance.

 Kristen played the piano.
 Sister Williams sings and Brother Chadband dances.
  Sister Chance and her daughter Akemba sing a duet.
 Sister Cupid
 Group dance with Destin, Che, Kristen and James

 Elder Horsley does beatbox.  Who knew? 
 Deyonce and friend were too timid to face the audience while they sang.
 Anderson and his mom sing, Go Tell it on the Mountain.  

 Sister Charters plays the pan.  

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