Thursday, March 12, 2015

I love the fun "do's"

The hairstyles here are amazing and fun.  It looks like it would take hours to do them, but they do them very quickly.  Here are a few "do's" from around Christmas time.  

Missionary Daily Planners

I have come to realize that missionary planner covers are a work of art and I am impressed with these young missionaries creativity.  They use old Liahonas to find pictures and messages.  Here are just a few I took pictures of recently.  I think you will be able to pick out Elder Jeppson's covers.  He completed his mission recently and returned home.  

Natural Flowers

 I am so sorry I am the worst photographer and historian.  Every time I go to work on the blog I realize why didn't I take a picture of that?  For would have been nice to have a picture of Sister Alma Gray who taught this class and a picture of the table where all the production began.  But alas, no pictures, so I will have to try to explain it so you can picture it.
Sister Gray is multi-talented and has offered to teach me some of her skills.  When we both realized that 6 months of my mission is already gone we decided we needed to get going.  Our first project was to learn how to make flowers out of the natural vegetation here.  We used dried banana leaves, pods and another leaf that I can't remember the name of to make these dried flowers.  We dipped the dried leaves in water and then cut them into petal shapes.  We used wire and floral tape to assemble them after we had cut a lot of petals.  We invited the branch sisters to join us, but sadly no one came.  Sister Tilby and Sister Lapides show off their flowers.
 The class was on Saturday and on Monday I was sick so it was a perfect time to use all the materials they had sent me home with to make more flowers.  I had a blast once I got going.  Here is a picture of the arrangement I made.  Pretty cool, if I don't say so myself.
 The pot I had found on our walk on the beach several months ago.  Below are some close-ups.  I decided to make each flower different.

 This one is a banana leaf.  

Thanks Alma!  I loved it.  I hope that next she will teach me how to weave baskets and placemats.  Hers are beautiful.  Can't wait!


Actually these are oranges, but it becomes complicated when you want to teach a child the color orange and these are green.  :)  
 Oranges are in season right now and members have given us a lot of them.  They make delicious orange juice.  Yum!
I have also been given a ton of bananas too in the last few weeks.  I have made several banana breads, banana muffins, banana cakes and today I am going to try to make banana cookies.  How many ways can you use over ripe bananas? Hum?