Friday, June 19, 2015

Drum Roll Please.......

It is official.....We are moving to St. Vincent on June 29th and will be part of the Barbados Bridgetown Mission.  The WIM (West Indies Mission) will split on July 1st.  Our new mission president will be President and Sister Herrington from Canada.  

Hiking La Soufrier in St. Vincent with the Missionaries

A little gecko decided to join us on our trip to La Soufrier.  
 The four hour hike begins here.

 Near the top of the mountain we stop for a group picture.   The mountain was shrouded in mist.  I was actually cold for the first time in 9 months.
 Sister Tongi prepares all the cameras for a group shot.  
 Left to right: Elder Cox (Alaska), Elder Hodgekinson (Layton), Sister Aitiria (Kiribati), Elder Merrell (Vernal), Elder Hendry (Canada), Sister Tongi (Honolulu), Elder Morrison (Jamaican), Elder Lawenitotoka (Fiji), Elder Dancan (Kenya), Elder Ropati (Samoa), and Elder Cox (St. George).  Three of the elders didn't come because they had already done the hike or were injured or sick.  What great missionaries they all are!!!!
 Can you see something on the leaf?

 I thought hiking up the mountain was bad, it was worse coming back down.  My legs were shot.  
Don't we look lovely?  Our hair and clothes were soaked with sweat.  It ended up being a 5 hour hike.

Sunday at the hospital

Spent Sunday morning at the hospital.  We had four members here.  Sister Dookran and her daughter Linda were in a car accident traveling to church.  Linda, pictured below had just seen the doctor and was ok except for bruises and soreness.  While they were seeing the doctor I had the privilege of holding Adesh while he took a nap.  I had to get a picture because he would never have let me hold him had he been awake.  He is a darling boy that I love to see every Sunday.  The Dookrans travel from Roxborough every week.  It takes over an hour to make the trip, but they are there faithfully.  

Helping Out

 We received a directive from the church that all churches in the Carribean area were to remove the fridges from their buildings by May 30 and give them to a family in need.  By doing this, the church would save $500,000 in electricity bills per year.  There were plenty of families in the branch who could have benefited from a new fridge but the ward council picked the Timothy family.  Sister Timothy is a single mother with 6 children.  She is pictured with Elder Goddard, her oldest son Niccoli, and Elders Hendricks and Evans just after delivery.
 Brother Festus Chadband needed some help at his home in Black Rock.  We did a ward activity on a Saturday morning and helped inside and out.  Elder Henricks, Evans and Aaron helped collect all the glass bottles which will be taken to recycling for income for Bro. Chadband.  We also gathered and burned trash.
 Christian, wearing the mask, and Brother Chadband burning debris.  
 Brothers.....Renaldo and Christian.....being silly.

 Elder Goddard was cleaning up underneath the house and found some interesting things.  

 While we were there a neighbor came and picked mangos from a nearby tree and departed carrying them in a bucket on her head.
 This back area of the house needs to be torn down and people are discussing what to do next.  
 Inside, Renaldo, Sister Cupid and Sister Camejo help out by scrubbing walls.  
 Sister Camejo
 Gathering up the tools to leave.  We spent about three hours cleaning the yard and house.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Preparation Day before Elder Cox leaves Tobago

Elder Cox is being transferred to St. Vincent. :)  In a week we will see him there as we continue traveling back and forth between Tobago and St. Vincent.  left to right:  Sister Graziano, Sister Norris, Elder Cox, and Elder Evans.
 I wish we could say we made this sand turtle, but someone else did it.  We thought it was so cool we all wanted pictures of it.  That is about the size of the real turtle we saw in April.

 A moment to contemplate.....did I do my best while I was here?  Could I have done more?
Something we all ask ourselves as we are transferred.    

Fire at the Plantations

It is the dry season in Tobago.  Everything has gone from lush green to looking very brown and dead. It is spring here but it reminds me of Utah in the fall.  The grass is brown and the trees are all losing their leaves.  We came home and discovered this fire right on the golf course near our house.  The landscapers and manager of the golf course turned on their sprinkler system to fight the fire.  The golf course is about the only place in Tobago that has a sprinkler system, but they rarely turn it on.  It is so dry, even the grass was burning.  

We hope it will start raining soon!!!