Thursday, October 30, 2014

Car Wash

 The missionaries are asked to wash and vacuum their cars every week on P-day.  Elder Horsley asked me to be sure and post these pictures because his mom wouldn't believe he was working. :)  
 It always throws me off when I see the missionaries in "civilian clothes."  
 Elder Horsley
 Elder Harding


We were finally able to make the one hour drive to Roxborough and the home of Sister Dookran.  I can hear you saying....the island is only 27 miles long and 6 miles wide.  Why does it take an hour to go only partway up the east side of the island?  The road has more bends and turns and zig zags than the road to Hana on Maui, Hawaii. and twice as narrow.  Elder Harding was driving fast and it still too forever.  Sister Dookran and her family make  this one hour drive every Sunday to come to church.  They are there faithfully.  We have come to really love this stalwart pioneer family.  We must hike through the jungle to get to their home.  
We walk with grandson, Malcom David Fillafona, coming home from school.  

 Sister, Madonna Adonna Fillafona joins us.  I love their names.
 Bamboo forest.
  Sister Dookran, her daughter Linda Kissoon, Granddaughter Madonna, and Elder Harding.

 Elder Harding, Linda Kissoon and her husband Aroon and son Adesh, Madonna, and Elder Horsley.
 Their home has no electricity and no water.  The only water they have is from a small water tank just outside their kitchen window that collects the rain water for drinking.
 Avocados grow really large here!


Here he is......the croc we have been looking for since the day we got here in Tobago!  

He need a name.  Grandkids, what should we call him?  We'll have a contest to see who comes up with the best name.  Then we can say Hi ______ everyday as we pass him.

Making Soursop Juice

Brother James gave me this fruit called soursop and instructions on how to make a drink.  I think I let it ripen one or two days too long. :(
 Step one is to pull of the spiky skin.  It is supposed to just kind of fall off.  Then squish the white filling, squeezing out the juice and straining the pulp and seeds.

 Next add some milk and water and ta-dah, you have soursop juice.  

Courage To Be Modest Seminary Fashion Show

October 17th, 2014
The Seminary students presented, "Courage to Be Modest Fashion Show!
Some of those attending, left to right: Sister Camejo, the YW President, holding Adelaide LeeKong, Sister LeeKong holding Oliver talking to Aubrey and Brother George, 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency.  
Whitney, Leana, John and Renaldo waiting for the program to begin.  They are all in their school uniforms.  They came directly from school to the church.  They do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All Schools here have their own uniforms.  
 In the Pink shirt is our guest professional dance artist who will perform later.  In the back is Sister Williams (in the blue) and Sister Cupid, the Relief Society President, in the green shirt.
 Aaron models modest active wear.  
 James in after school wear.
 Kristen models ?  I can't remember his category, but he certainly looked COOL!
 Leanna models the perfect dress for a date.

 Renaldo thanking all his fans for coming! :)
 James gives us a little intermission entertainment before the dancing starts.  He didn't have a drum so he improvised on an empty water bottle.
 Festus has his turn next. 
 Dance Demonstration
 Inviting Everyone to join in!
It was an awesome activity with food, fun and laughter.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My New Calling, Ward Music Chairman

So, does it surprise you that I am involved in music in the branch?  I am hoping to have lots of special numbers to bring the spirit to the ward.  My first volunteers......the missionaries.  Here we are practicing, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.  I love it!!!  They love to sing and have beautiful voices and can sing parts.  Left to Right: Sister Charters, Sister Hendricks, me, Elder Horsley and Elder Harding.

The Primary kids are going to sing in November and the members want a Branch choir.  Yippee!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

P-Day Fun?

We have been here for almost one month and we learned from conversations with the Elders and Sisters that P-Day in Tobago isn't much fun.  When they were on other islands in the mission on P-day all the missionaries on the island would get together on the beach and play soccer or volleyball and have a picnic and just laugh together with a large group of missionaries.  Well, on Tobago, there are only four missionaries and other than the beach, not a lot of things to see, hike, or sight see.  We decided to step it up a bit and planned a trip to the beach.  Elder Goddard had brought his fancy kite from home, so we could all have fun flying that.  At first we played random games like caber-toss with 15 foot bamboo poles, and shot putt with a coconut, and bocci ball with seeds on the beach.  Then we brought out the kite.  Well, we learned a lesson that we will apply to the gospel.  Training and preparation is important.  You don't just hand the reigns of the kite (or Ward) to someone and expect them to know what to do.   You train them first.  So as you can see below, most of our fun time at the beach was spent trying to figure out a way to get the kite out of the tree.  

 We threw a lot of balls at the kite.  

 It took a lot of work, but we finally got the kite down.  
 Limbo, Limbo!
 We played a lot of games that involved not getting in the water.  Like draw lines to where you think the next wave might come, or go as close to the water as you can and run back before you get wet., or even better run backwards before you get wet.  I think you can guess who came up with these games?
Well, at least the missionaries were not just washing cars, and getting groceries, etc.  Hopefully we added a little fun to their day.

Halloween House

So, a little explanation is needed here.  While we were in St. Vincent we visited most of the Elders and Sisters apartments to see what their needs were.  Some needed drying racks for their clothes, others their filters on their water hadn't been changed for months, one set of Elders needed a washer, etc.  Then we went to the sisters apartment and this is what we found.  There were literally 100's, no 1000's of spiders on their roof and going down the sides of the walls of the exterior of the building.  You know the recent spiderman movie where he goes in that web thing.  Well, this was just like that.  I nearly walked into several spiders before the Zone Leaders warned me about them.  ARE YOU KIDDING?  There is no way I could sleep here.  I had nightmares for days after visiting their apartment.  These pictures do not do it justice.  

 These are the sweet sisters that live in the spider apartment. Left to right:  Zuster Christiansen (she is waiting to go to Dutch Surinam, hence the name Zuster), Sister Shelton, and Sister Worthington.  They say they have never seen a spider IN the apartment.  Right!

A Few Pictures of Beautiful St. Vincent from our Morning Walk

 This is the view from the Senior Couples Apartment on St. Vincent.  It is gorgeous!  Their apartment is right on the beach.