Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meeting the members with the Sister Missionaries

 This is Sister David and her granddaughter.  Sister David was baptized only 3 weeks ago.  
The sisters took us to see their apartment.  This is Sister Charters family Charter.
Morning study time....or pretending for the camera.
Sister Charters "Man Cave." 
A list of all the sisters that have lived here!

They have their own banana cool is that!

Avocados grow so large here.
You know me and flowers!

This was a momentous day for Sister Hendricks......It was her 1 year on her mission day!
 Sister Janet Pierre has been a member for a few years.  She lives so far away from church it is hard for her to come to church.  Only three members in the branch have cars.  Everyone else must "catch travel" (what we would call hitchhike) to go to church.  She had a very sweet childlike testimony.
The Sisters go every Thursday to the Welsh family and have family night with them.  They are so much fun.  Left to right is Deyonce, Sister Welsh, Leana, Sister Charters, Diana and Omia.

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