Sunday, October 19, 2014

Branch Pot Luck Lunch Between Conference Sessions

I learned by experience that Tobagonians don't like sandwiches.  I brought the sloppy joes which no one wanted.  Everyone was so excited when Sister Cupid came late and brought crab, lentils and dumplings.  

 One of my favorite children, Anderson, teaching me how to eat a crab.  Chew up the shell and try to get any meat that is inside.
 Deyonce always looks darling with her cute plaited hair.  
 Once a week, Sister Williams replatts her 5 boys hair.  This is James her 2nd son getting his hair redone between conference sessions.  I was amazed how quickly she could comb out the plaits and then redo everything.  I asked him if it hurt his head when his mom pulled on his hair.  He said, no, he didn't even feel it.  Tough head!

Sister Williams was one of the first converts on the island.  Next to her is Sister Cupid, the Relief Society President.

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