Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tour of Tobago

One week after we arrived in Tobago we saw a flier about the Tobago International Cycling Classic. The event started on Tuesday September 30th.  With biking in our blood, we couldn't pass up the chance to see a tiny bit of it.   
 An ESPN photographer that knew the couple who took us to the event.  

 There were four different levels of ability...from local riders to professional bikers.  These young men were excited to see how well they could compete.  That is some serious footwear!
 Self-explanatory....they are serious about their litter!

 Elder Goddard spent a lot of time talking with this team from Sweden. 
  It started to rain, but the race must go on!

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  1. Wow!! How exciting for you to see a bike race! Looks like you are enjoying your mission. Love seeing all of the pictures of places we saw and the people met when we were there. KristyAnn