Friday, October 24, 2014

P-Day Fun?

We have been here for almost one month and we learned from conversations with the Elders and Sisters that P-Day in Tobago isn't much fun.  When they were on other islands in the mission on P-day all the missionaries on the island would get together on the beach and play soccer or volleyball and have a picnic and just laugh together with a large group of missionaries.  Well, on Tobago, there are only four missionaries and other than the beach, not a lot of things to see, hike, or sight see.  We decided to step it up a bit and planned a trip to the beach.  Elder Goddard had brought his fancy kite from home, so we could all have fun flying that.  At first we played random games like caber-toss with 15 foot bamboo poles, and shot putt with a coconut, and bocci ball with seeds on the beach.  Then we brought out the kite.  Well, we learned a lesson that we will apply to the gospel.  Training and preparation is important.  You don't just hand the reigns of the kite (or Ward) to someone and expect them to know what to do.   You train them first.  So as you can see below, most of our fun time at the beach was spent trying to figure out a way to get the kite out of the tree.  

 We threw a lot of balls at the kite.  

 It took a lot of work, but we finally got the kite down.  
 Limbo, Limbo!
 We played a lot of games that involved not getting in the water.  Like draw lines to where you think the next wave might come, or go as close to the water as you can and run back before you get wet., or even better run backwards before you get wet.  I think you can guess who came up with these games?
Well, at least the missionaries were not just washing cars, and getting groceries, etc.  Hopefully we added a little fun to their day.

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