Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Branch Activity of 2015, Glass Bottom Boat

Saturday, January 24th 
We decided to start the New Year out with a bang and arranged to go on a glass bottom boat at Pigeon Point.  The boat took us to the Buccoo Reef to snorkel, then to the nylon pools and the last stop was No Man's Island where we had lunch and played games.  Here are some of the members waiting for everyone to arrive.  

  If you scrubbed down with the coral sand at the Nylon Pools, it was supposed to take 10 years off your skin and face.
 President Goddard and David LaCroix

We had 41 people attend and it was a big success!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Preparation Day visit to the Mangrove

 Sister Francom told us to "take time to dangle."  Just taking a few minutes on P-day to relax is rejuvenating to our spirits.

Good-bye Sister Hendricks........Hello Sister Tilby

Transfers came and Sister Hendricks was moving on to Trinidad.  We wish her well in her last area of the mission as she will return home in April.  
 Our new missionary, Sister Tilby arrived all smiles.  She didn't know it but she would spend her first 10 days in Tobago in our apartment.  The sisters were asked by their landlady to move out for a week so she could have the apartment painted.  Sister Tilby arrived right in time for the change.  Elder Goddard told the girls to make themselves at home and they were welcome to eat anything or everything they could find.  We soon found out Sister Tilby had a sense of humor when she left the note below.

 A chair disappeared and this note was left.  

We enjoyed having the girls here and felt lonely when they moved back to their newly painted and clean apartment.

Street Art in Downtown Scarborough

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Brother George's Kite

Kite making here is really a big thing.  Brother George was so excited to show off his kite made from colored garbage bags and sticks.  I was giving Sister George a piano lesson and he pulled me over to see the kite way, way, way up in the sky.  It was so high it was only a tiny dot.  

Sister George's Christmas Gift

 I am so thankful for the wonderful members in Tobago and all I am learning from them.  They are so resourceful from making their own toothpicks and brooms from palm leaves, to paper flowers, to making punch from local plants, to remedies for illnesses....and the list goes on and on.  Sister George made this beautiful paper flower arrangement for me for Christmas.  I love the cute butterflies made of tiny shells.  So creative!

Sweet Bernadette....Baptism January 3rd

A New Year and a New Beginning. 
Here is sweet Bernadette modeling the baptism dress she made 6 years ago in anticipation of a hoped for baptism when she found the right church to join.  She had a premonition that soon she would find the truth and she wanted to be ready.    Finding the truth has been a lifelong search.  

 My favorite Picture
  Elder Jeppson and Elder Little, 
two of the many missionaries that taught her, rejoicing with her today.

 So overcome with the joy and the spirit that she just soaked it all in and cried.