Sunday, July 26, 2015

Possibilities for a Preparation Day Activity

Originally when President and Sister Herrington were going to visit St. Vincent for the first time, they had planned to stay three days.  They wanted to do a preparation day activity with the missionaries and we were given the assignment to check out a couple of possibilities.  One was the Botanical Gardens which I knew the missionaries would not enjoy, but our quick look there turned into a two hour tour and was delightful.  Too bad I didn't have my camera at the time.  The other place we checked out was Fort Charlotte.  It was very sobering to me to look at the history of St. Vincent and other Caribbean islands and realize that the discovery of the new world was a disaster for the Carib Indians and many other tribes living in St. Vincent and the Caribbean.  St. Vincent was conquered over and over and each time the people were enslaved or exiled.  These pictures and their history are sobering.  Tobago was conquered and changed hands 32 times by the French, English and Dutch.   

 The view from Fort Charlotte was spectacular.  

Preparation Day at Beautiful Buccament Bay

We have been going back and forth between Tobago and St. Vincent for three months.  We have never seen the leeward side of the island or the Caribbean side.  For P-day we drove to beautiful Bucciment Bay on the Caribbean side of the island and the missionaries enjoyed playing volleyball.  The beach is all imported white sand and very beautiful.  

 Elder Spencer will be leaving St. Vincent tomorrow and will be going to St. Maarten.  We will miss his happy optimistic hard-working attitude and his beautiful artwork.  He is very talented.  

We always enjoy Preparation Day activities because we get to see these young missionaries in a different setting and have some fun together.  Going to the beach is always hard for them because they can't get into the water and it is always so hot.  Getting in the water to their knees is allowed and seems to help with the heat.  They are so obedient!

Two Baptisms in July

Elder Mitchell and Elder Evans pose with Zimron.  Zimron lives with his grandmother.  She is a member of the church and Zimron has attended church with her each week for years.  When he turned 8 and wanted to be baptized his mother would not let him.  Zimron has asked his mother for a year to be baptized and finally she consented.  He was one happy little boy and his Grandmother was very happy too.  His baptism was in the Kingstown Branch and was a very sacred experience.  
 Sister Aitiria and Sister Giles have been teaching Gemark and he was baptized on July 25th by Elder Cox.  Gemark came every Friday to the Calliaqua activity night and that is where we got to know him.  He loves to play the game of dominoes.  He is a very kind gentle man.
 Some attendees:  left to right: Micron, who was baptized one year ago and has read the Book of Mormon 26 times.  WOW!  Elder Lawenitotoka, Bro. Drakes, Elder Cox, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Hendry, Elder Dankan, Elder Merrell, and Elder Brown.
 Sister Giles, Sister Aitiria, Gemmark's Mom, friend, and Gemark. 
 Micron, Gemark, Elder Cox and Elder Anderson.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

President and Sister Herrington Come To St. Vincent on July 24th

All the missionaries arrive early in anticipation of meeting our new mission president.  President and Sister Herrington's plane landed at 9:20 a.m.  Elder Dancan from Kenya, Sister Giles from Utah and Elder Brown from Hawaii in the picture below.  Because it was July 24th, I decided to make it a fun celebration in remembrance of the Pioneers.  Each missionary got a different colored bandana to wear.  
 Elder Evans from Cache valley, Elder Hendry from Canada, Sister Aitiria from Kiribati, and Elder Lawenitotoka from Fiji.

 President and Sister Herrington meet the missionaries.  
 Elder Mitchell from Guyana, and Elder Dankan from Kenya.  
 St. Vincent Missionaries from left to right....front row...Sister Giles, Sister Aitiria, Sister Herrington, President Herrington, Elder Goddard...Sister Goddard taking the picture.  Back row....Elder Dankan, Elder Mitchell, Elder Lawenitotoka, Elder Cox, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Merrell, Elder Hendry, Elder Evans, Elder Anderson, and Elder Brown.
 Our quickly made pioneer wagon centerpiece.  In honor of the pioneers we made dutchoven chicken, potatoes and carrots, Lionhouse rolls, peach cobbler, and s-mores.  Elder Goddard did his pioneer trivia quiz and everyone sang,  Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and Walked and of course, Come, Come, Ye Saints.  
 After the Herringtons left to the airport, Sister Aitiria was creative with her bandana.  
 Silly girls!

I Love Flowers!

What a surprise to find this beautiful flower blooming right outside our door.  

Visits With The Missionaries

We spent last week going out with the missionaries visiting members homes.  We will draw maps of how to get to each home here, just like we did in Tobago.   Sister Giles and Sister Aitiria took us to Brother Robertsons first.  He is a long time member.  His house is guarded by 5 big pit bulls who didn't like us coming at all.  It was terrifying and I was glad those dogs were on hugh chains, even though I felt sorry for them.  Most dogs here spend their whole life chained up.  These dogs are incredibly bored and it makes sense that when someone comes near their home they go crazy barking and straining to get free.  It is still very scary for me.     

 Elder Mitchell, Elder Evans and Brother Selman take us around Kingstown.  
 This family watched us go up and down the long stairway to a members home.  When we got back in the car, I felt impressed to go back and talk to them.  They said they used to know the Birds who were the senior couple here and had loved the missionaries.  Elder Mitchell took their number and now the missionaries will contact them.
 Elder Spencer and Elder Hendry take us to meet one of their investigators.  Sadly, they had forgotten the missionaries were coming.
 Elder Merrell and Elder Dankan introduced us to Dragon fruit.  The inside is like a kiwi only red.  It was fun to try it.

 Wash day in Georgetown!  

The Big 60!

60 years on this planet deserved a celebration and my sweet husband went all out.  We went to a small privately owned island that we can see from our kitchen window and spent the day.  The Island is called Young Island and is for sale for $10 million if anyone is interested.  I thought it was pretty funny going to Young Island for my old birthday.  
 It all started with a quick 1 minute boat ride to the island.  
  A lovely cottage for the day which included a patio with lounge chairs and a hammock, tennis courts, swimming pool, beautiful beach and hiking trails all around the small island.   

 We snorkeled around Young Island to Rock Fort Island behind it and hiked up the 255 stairs to the top of this fortress.  
 Beautiful flowers!
 A delicious lunch and an afternoon fruit drink were included.  
 Then after cleaning up, we headed to visit the missionaries who were confined to their apartments during Carnival.   First stop, the sisters apartment.  Sister Giles and Sister Aiteria surprised me with party hats, banner, balloons and delicious cupcakes.
Next stop the Zone Leaders apartment.  Elder Hendry, Elder Spencer, Elder Hodgkinson and Elder Cox also had party hats and blowers and a delicious cake.  Thank you to the Smiths and Hatches back home in Murray for sending the package filled with party decor that Elder Goddard was able to distribute to these missionaries.  Thanks everyone for making my 60th a great day!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good-bye Tobago!

Lunch at the Magdelina the day before transfers.  Elder Evans, and Sisters Norris and Graziano will leave tomorrow.  Elder Henricks (left red tie) is the only one staying and will have a big responsibility helping the new missionaries learn the area and find everyones homes.    
 During the week we tried to visit all the members.  Good-bye to the Welsh girls.
 A last trip to Roxborough and a visit with Sister Dookran.
 Branch picture on Sunday June 28th.
 David LaCroix
 Enid Roberts
 Keshon James and his daughter
 Rocky Bowens
 Brother and Sister George
 Sister Omobude and Sister Cupid
 Michael Heath
 Christian, Camille and Ronaldo
Camille, one of my piano students, gave me a great going away gift.  She played one of the hymns with both hands perfectly.  It was beautiful and I have it on my camera to remember as a symbol that we did make some progress in Tobago.
This little shop we found on our way to Roxborough.  It had an incredible view right out the back door.
 This bakery was our favorite.   It is right across the street from the church.  Yummy drops, and hops.  Kelby, the owners son, became a great friend.  We always talked to him and his family about someday coming to our church across the street.  They were Seventh Day Adventists and were pretty staunch and a wonderful family.  Maybe someday!!!
 The monstrous building that was an eye-sore to the landscape but the pride of the country.  Will it ever open????  And what is it used for.....we will never know.
 Our favorite restaurant......CIAO!!!!  Italian gelato....YUM! Their pizza and salads were a work of art.  It is located in downtown Scarborough.
 Tobago Branch Building Tambrin Square  
This very parking lot was where the slaves were sold years and years ago.