Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good-bye Tobago!

Lunch at the Magdelina the day before transfers.  Elder Evans, and Sisters Norris and Graziano will leave tomorrow.  Elder Henricks (left red tie) is the only one staying and will have a big responsibility helping the new missionaries learn the area and find everyones homes.    
 During the week we tried to visit all the members.  Good-bye to the Welsh girls.
 A last trip to Roxborough and a visit with Sister Dookran.
 Branch picture on Sunday June 28th.
 David LaCroix
 Enid Roberts
 Keshon James and his daughter
 Rocky Bowens
 Brother and Sister George
 Sister Omobude and Sister Cupid
 Michael Heath
 Christian, Camille and Ronaldo
Camille, one of my piano students, gave me a great going away gift.  She played one of the hymns with both hands perfectly.  It was beautiful and I have it on my camera to remember as a symbol that we did make some progress in Tobago.
This little shop we found on our way to Roxborough.  It had an incredible view right out the back door.
 This bakery was our favorite.   It is right across the street from the church.  Yummy drops, and hops.  Kelby, the owners son, became a great friend.  We always talked to him and his family about someday coming to our church across the street.  They were Seventh Day Adventists and were pretty staunch and a wonderful family.  Maybe someday!!!
 The monstrous building that was an eye-sore to the landscape but the pride of the country.  Will it ever open????  And what is it used for.....we will never know.
 Our favorite restaurant......CIAO!!!!  Italian gelato....YUM! Their pizza and salads were a work of art.  It is located in downtown Scarborough.
 Tobago Branch Building Tambrin Square  
This very parking lot was where the slaves were sold years and years ago.  

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