Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two Baptisms in July

Elder Mitchell and Elder Evans pose with Zimron.  Zimron lives with his grandmother.  She is a member of the church and Zimron has attended church with her each week for years.  When he turned 8 and wanted to be baptized his mother would not let him.  Zimron has asked his mother for a year to be baptized and finally she consented.  He was one happy little boy and his Grandmother was very happy too.  His baptism was in the Kingstown Branch and was a very sacred experience.  
 Sister Aitiria and Sister Giles have been teaching Gemark and he was baptized on July 25th by Elder Cox.  Gemark came every Friday to the Calliaqua activity night and that is where we got to know him.  He loves to play the game of dominoes.  He is a very kind gentle man.
 Some attendees:  left to right: Micron, who was baptized one year ago and has read the Book of Mormon 26 times.  WOW!  Elder Lawenitotoka, Bro. Drakes, Elder Cox, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Hendry, Elder Dankan, Elder Merrell, and Elder Brown.
 Sister Giles, Sister Aitiria, Gemmark's Mom, friend, and Gemark. 
 Micron, Gemark, Elder Cox and Elder Anderson.

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