Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Big 60!

60 years on this planet deserved a celebration and my sweet husband went all out.  We went to a small privately owned island that we can see from our kitchen window and spent the day.  The Island is called Young Island and is for sale for $10 million if anyone is interested.  I thought it was pretty funny going to Young Island for my old birthday.  
 It all started with a quick 1 minute boat ride to the island.  
  A lovely cottage for the day which included a patio with lounge chairs and a hammock, tennis courts, swimming pool, beautiful beach and hiking trails all around the small island.   

 We snorkeled around Young Island to Rock Fort Island behind it and hiked up the 255 stairs to the top of this fortress.  
 Beautiful flowers!
 A delicious lunch and an afternoon fruit drink were included.  
 Then after cleaning up, we headed to visit the missionaries who were confined to their apartments during Carnival.   First stop, the sisters apartment.  Sister Giles and Sister Aiteria surprised me with party hats, banner, balloons and delicious cupcakes.
Next stop the Zone Leaders apartment.  Elder Hendry, Elder Spencer, Elder Hodgkinson and Elder Cox also had party hats and blowers and a delicious cake.  Thank you to the Smiths and Hatches back home in Murray for sending the package filled with party decor that Elder Goddard was able to distribute to these missionaries.  Thanks everyone for making my 60th a great day!

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