Saturday, July 25, 2015

President and Sister Herrington Come To St. Vincent on July 24th

All the missionaries arrive early in anticipation of meeting our new mission president.  President and Sister Herrington's plane landed at 9:20 a.m.  Elder Dancan from Kenya, Sister Giles from Utah and Elder Brown from Hawaii in the picture below.  Because it was July 24th, I decided to make it a fun celebration in remembrance of the Pioneers.  Each missionary got a different colored bandana to wear.  
 Elder Evans from Cache valley, Elder Hendry from Canada, Sister Aitiria from Kiribati, and Elder Lawenitotoka from Fiji.

 President and Sister Herrington meet the missionaries.  
 Elder Mitchell from Guyana, and Elder Dankan from Kenya.  
 St. Vincent Missionaries from left to right....front row...Sister Giles, Sister Aitiria, Sister Herrington, President Herrington, Elder Goddard...Sister Goddard taking the picture.  Back row....Elder Dankan, Elder Mitchell, Elder Lawenitotoka, Elder Cox, Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Merrell, Elder Hendry, Elder Evans, Elder Anderson, and Elder Brown.
 Our quickly made pioneer wagon centerpiece.  In honor of the pioneers we made dutchoven chicken, potatoes and carrots, Lionhouse rolls, peach cobbler, and s-mores.  Elder Goddard did his pioneer trivia quiz and everyone sang,  Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and Walked and of course, Come, Come, Ye Saints.  
 After the Herringtons left to the airport, Sister Aitiria was creative with her bandana.  
 Silly girls!

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