Saturday, July 25, 2015

Visits With The Missionaries

We spent last week going out with the missionaries visiting members homes.  We will draw maps of how to get to each home here, just like we did in Tobago.   Sister Giles and Sister Aitiria took us to Brother Robertsons first.  He is a long time member.  His house is guarded by 5 big pit bulls who didn't like us coming at all.  It was terrifying and I was glad those dogs were on hugh chains, even though I felt sorry for them.  Most dogs here spend their whole life chained up.  These dogs are incredibly bored and it makes sense that when someone comes near their home they go crazy barking and straining to get free.  It is still very scary for me.     

 Elder Mitchell, Elder Evans and Brother Selman take us around Kingstown.  
 This family watched us go up and down the long stairway to a members home.  When we got back in the car, I felt impressed to go back and talk to them.  They said they used to know the Birds who were the senior couple here and had loved the missionaries.  Elder Mitchell took their number and now the missionaries will contact them.
 Elder Spencer and Elder Hendry take us to meet one of their investigators.  Sadly, they had forgotten the missionaries were coming.
 Elder Merrell and Elder Dankan introduced us to Dragon fruit.  The inside is like a kiwi only red.  It was fun to try it.

 Wash day in Georgetown!  

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