Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making Merry Christmas Cards!

On P-day we got together and made cards for our investigators.  Oh, let's see....who made the most cards I wonder?  Elder Jeppson and Elder Little each made one and the girls pumped out the other 25 or so.  Crafts must be a girl thing.  I was quite impressed with the girls creativity.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Fun P-day activity.  Thanks to our children for the kite.

Baptism in the Rain!

Here's Anderson and it is his birthday.   His mom wanted the baptism to be on his birthday which happened to land on Sunday.  It is 7:45 a.m. and he just got his birthday present.  He was pretty excited to show it off.   He was equally excited to be baptized.  He bore his testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting the week before and spoke about his upcoming baptism.    
 It rained all day yesterday, so the water is pretty muddy.  No problem.  He is so happy to be baptized in this river right by his house.  

 This is a classic picture....Anderson in his baptism suit swinging on the vines over the river.  You don't see that everyday.
 Elder Little
 Elder Jeppson

 His face says it all!

 and the rain came down!

 Breakfast served at their house after.

 Happy mom, Sister Williams, and Sister George
 Sister Hendricks and Sister Lapides
Better hurry or we'll be late for church.