Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Young Men Young Women Christmas Activity

We started off the evening with a few Christmas "Minute to Win It" games.
Kristen builds a Christmas Tree tower.
 Sister Lapides was the grand champion stacker.
 Sister Hendricks

 Aeryn was our 2nd place speedster.

 Game 2 

 Game 3: Rudolph's Nose  Leana was our winner!

Elder Goddard's favorite game was next...".take a candy bar if "----and he asks all kinds of different questions like: Take a candy bar if you have never had a broken bone.  Take a candy bar if you are a twin.  etc.   This is a way to learn a lot about everybody.  

 YUM, dinner was a waffle bar that included fresh strawberries, (which none of them had ever had before because they cost $10.00 U.S. or $65.00 Trini dollars) syrup, butter, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, sprinkles, nuts and the spray can whipping cream.  Totally not healthy, but oh so good.  They loved it.
The final event was walking to the Botanical Gardens about 15 minutes away and enjoying the lights and doing a little caroling.

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