Monday, December 15, 2014

Going Coconuts!

The same day we met our coconut man on the beach, we went to visit the Georges and Brother George insisted we drink some coconut milk and eat the soft white center.  The inside of the coconut when it is still yellow is soft or as I told Brother George, slimy.  I also told him, I don't eat slimy things.  They kept reminding me that it was very healthy for me.  "Not going to happen."  Richard liked it.  (Mikey likes it, he'll eat anything.)

 Love this lady!  She is the rock of the branch.  
 Brother George is making me a "pan."  He showed me how they cut it from an old oil can.  Then they put it in a fire to burn the oil off and turn the pan black.  Sister George paints it silver and Brother George dents it in just the right places to make the musical scale.  The instrument in front of Richard tells him when he has the pitch exactly on and doesn't need to dent it any more.  Bro George is going to give me a few lessons on how to play the pan when mine is finished.

Pans, calypso, and limbo all originated in Tobago.

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