Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Home for 18 Months in Tobago

We arrived on Tuesday, September 23rd at about 7:30 p.m. and were greeted by Elder Harding and Elder Horsley.  The elders took us to Penny Savers (local grocery store) to get some milk and cereal for the next morning and then took us home and made dinner.  They made a type of scone/biscuit bread with chili....Yummy!  Sister Charters and Sister Hendricks joined us and we had a great time getting to know these wonderful missionaries.
Elder Goddard is happy to finally be here.  The car behind him is our mission car and we live in the apartment right behind him on the bottom floor.  We walk out the front door and there is a beautiful pool.
 A couple of interior pictures so you can see the layout of the condo.  You enter into the kitchen.  
Elder Horsley and Elder Goddard doing quarterly reports on the dining room table.  Elder Harding was meeting with President Mehr and the A.P.'s via teleconference in the other room.

 Our need for blankets.  It is very hot even with the fans and AC on.  
We live in the Tobago Lowlands and all the condos are bright colors.  The lime green is my favorite.
The view from the back of our condo.  We live on the bottom floor.  The left doors enter into Elder Goddard's office, the middle door is our main living area pictured above.  The right doors enter into our bedroom.  We look directly onto the golf course that surrounds the Tobago Lowlands Condos.  We walk every morning on the golf course paths.


  1. I have been swimming in that pool! Looks awesome. I'm glad that you are having an amazing adventure, so far. You are doing a great work.

  2. Wow! Beautiful pics. Can I come stay with you??? ;) Looks wonderful.