Monday, September 29, 2014

Tidbits from Trinidad
Sunday, September 21, 2014
We went to the Chaguanas Branch.
Third block I ended up in YW.  
The middle Gerrard sister decided to illustrate the Armour of God during the lesson.

 The Gerrard Sisters
When they told me they had only been members of the church for less than a year, I was blown away.  These girls are amazing.  They were the first people who came up to us as we entered the chapel.

 The meeting house is the top floor of this building.
A little tour of Port of Spain after church.  
This building was built by the church and is a Stake Center.
Some beautiful buildings right in the heart of the capitol city.

Bro. Ray (left) handles all the finances of the mission.  That is an incredibly stressful job when you consider he works with 7 different currencies and must fund missionaries every six weeks at transfer time.  Sister Ray (right) is the Secretary to President Mehr and Bro. and Sister Francom handle all the YSA in the whole mission.  Sister Ann Ray (not pictured) handles all the mission big deal right. NOT! For zone conferences she books flights from island to island and hotels and she keeps track of everyones work permits and police reports which they must get every few months to keep everyone legal in all the countries.  She has been told by church headquarters that she has the hardest job in the world! Wow!  These people filled our fridge when we came and fed us wonderful meals for three days.  
Our little gecko friend who lives behind the curtains.  
Good bye to Trinidad.  

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