Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sister May and Brother Bengy Get Married

Sister May and Brother Bengy have been investigating the church for three years.  They come with their children faithfully each week.  They have worked with many many sets of missionaries who would have loved baptizing their family more than anything, but the obstacle preventing that was a wedding.  Sister May and Brother Bengy have been common law husband and together for 18 years, but today they made everything official and were married by President Young of the Georgetown Branch.  Everyone was delighted to help in any way they could.  Sister Young made the beautiful wedding cake.  Sister Brown provided the food for the luncheon.  
 Janisha May and Francine Brown were beautiful bridesmaids.  
 All the missionaries arrive for this grand celebration.  The following Saturday the whole family will be baptized.  Five baptisms in one day after not having any for such a long time makes all of us giddy with joy.  It is a great day!

 More of the bridal party waits for the bride across the street from the Georgetown Branch building.
 A beaming, happy, beautiful bride.   Sister May.
 The new Bengy family....daughter Janique, Bro. Bengy, son Rodney, Sister May, daughter Janisha, son Zavron.  The last man pictured is ???   Toddler son is missing from the picture, but is in the picture below with his mom.
 Sister May with her youngest son Andre.  
 The sister missionaries took care of preparing and serving the appetizers.  Then, they helped dish up and serve the wedding lunch.  Sister Layton, Campbell, Norris, and Lometo with me in the middle.  I love these wonderful young ladies.  
The Georgetown Branch building is too small to set up tables for the luncheon.  Everyone just waited for the missionaries to serve them.  

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