Friday, January 8, 2016

Baptism Day January 2016

The baptism was an hour late starting.   While we were waiting we strolled the beach and took some silly pictures.  
 I have no idea why Elder T. is carrying Elder Mikesell.

 Elder T. said they eat these in Tonga.  
 Sister Rindlisbacher
 Elder T and Elder Sabin

 Recent convert Gemmark
 Sister Norris and Sister Rindlisbacher
 Sister Ramona
 The missionaries found this fan coral on the beach and took pictures of them with wings.  Elder Mikesell is behind everyone holding the wings.  Elder Sabin
 Elder Johnson
 Elder T and Elder Mikesell
 Sister Norris
 Sister Rindlisbacher

 Investigator Cortie Allen came to 2 of the 3 baptisms.
 Sister Goddard holding Semmone's baby.  

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