Monday, January 4, 2016

Three Baptisms to End and Start the Year.

Brother Horne wanted to be baptized on the last day of the year, so he could begin the new year a new man.  He was baptized by Elder Johnson.  Elder Mikesell and Brother Phillips were witnesses.

 Brother Horne was taught by Sister Lometo and Sister Takuia.
 Simmone was baptized on January 2nd, 2016.  She wanted to start the new year out right and start her new life as a member of the church.   She was taught by Sister Rindlisbacher, Sister Norris and Sister Layton who was transferred before the baptism.  

 Those who attended Simmone's baptism.  
 Kay was baptized later that same afternoon, January 2nd.  
 Kay was taught first by Elder Sabin then by Elder Mikesell and Elder Tulikihakau.  
 Jessica introduced Kay to the church and all the lessons were taught in her home.  
 A few of those who attended the baptism.  
It was a perfect ending to 2015 and a perfect beginning to 2016.  

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