Wednesday, November 5, 2014

International Day of Service November 1, 2014

The Tobago Branch joined in the International Day of Service by helping at Healing With Horses.  This facility is for children that are differently abled.  
 Verronica started the non-profit organization.  She is holding the horse.  She is a remarkable woman. Many of the kids in our branch have never seen a horse and she was kind and encouraging with them to get them to pet the horses and a few of them actually got on the horses.
 The facility is located in Buccoo which is on the east side of the island.  Many of our members were not able to get travel there, but we were quite surprised to have had about 12 people come.  Niccoli is mucking out the corral.
 Verronica and her husband Lennon have been trying to make this area kid friendly.  They have a big playground.  We gathered coral and lined the path to the playground and cleared out the playground of rock too.  Then we painted everything bright colors.
 Sister Charters painting the heart she made around the tree.  
 David LaCroix has only been a member for a few months.  
 The youth were excited to use their artistic abilities to decorate the water tank.  
 Notice their spelling of Mormons. :)
 Aaron and her sister Caelyn, sisters Natalie and Nikita.  

 Nikita was terrified of the horses, so it was pretty neat that she got this close.  

 Niccoli is in the process of turning in his mission papers.  

 The whole crew!

 Elder Goddard got on the horse to encourage the kids and show them that they did not need to be afraid.  

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