Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sister Cupid comes over to teach me how to cook Tobago style for the Potluck Dinner after our talent show.

 I call these hairy potatoes.
 Boiling things that look like bananas but are called planteen. 
 Cutting the chicken and washing it using lemon and lime juice to bring out the flavor.
 These are not carrots.  They are another root with a thick skin that ends up looking like a potato.   
 Sister Cupid laughed a lot at my peeling skills, but in my wasn't like peeling a potato...these had really thick skins that took some umph to get off.

 All the different potato type plants after they are cooked.  Sister Cupid said there was a yam and a sweet potato in this group.  I told her that can't be true because in the US those potatoes are orange.  She also told me to pick out some mandarin oranges when we got the other veggies and I looked forever and told her there were not any mandarin oranges.  She walked over and picked up some green fruit and told they were mandarin oranges.  I told her the same the states those are orange on the outside.  The grapefruit is also green.  Think of all I am learning.
When we were done....4 hours later....and another hour for dishes and mopping the floor...I told her I think I will stay with my American meals that I can throw together in 30 minutes.  Smile!

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