Sunday, November 23, 2014

Yikes, a snake!

 The other day we went to visit some of the members that have not been to church for a long time.  We visited Sister Pierre, and her son Seth brought out this snake he had found near their house.  (Maybe he was trying to scare us away.)   :)  It just happened that we didn't have our camera that day so two days later we went back to get a picture.  The first time we saw the snake, Elder Goddard held it, but the second time we went, the snake must have been more hungry because he tried to bite Elder Goddard and started moving through the grass quickly to get the dog that was chained up nearby.  So sadly, I don't have a picture of Elder Goddard holding the snake.  You can be sure I was way down the road watching from a great distance.  I must admit, the pattern on the snake skin is really amazing.

 So just so you won't have nightmares.....I put a lovely new flower I found here to remember instead of the snake.  This is the first time I have seen a flower like this and you know me and flowers!  I never pass up a chance to add another one to my collection.   The petals are very thick and rubbery.

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