Thursday, February 19, 2015

Service Day

Elder Jeppson and Elder Little found a member that had been lost for many years and offered to do some service for her. She wanted her backyard weeds cut down.  We arrived there at 7:00 a.m. and tried with the sythe and cutless she had to trim it.  They were both so dull that it was impossible.  What we needed was a good gas trimmer.  Lawn mowers?  What is that?  No one has one of those.      

Next, we went to Sister Cupid's to help her put a fence around her property.  She wants to plant corn but her neighbor has a hugh flock of goats and ducks which eat everything in sight.  She lives in a ravine with a mountain on one side and a river on the other.   Putting fence posts along the ridge was a bit tricky.  The ground was so hard that the men had to use a pick axe first and then the girls used a shovel to pull out the dirt after.  We did 12 posts, unique in the fact that each post was a different length depending on how Sister Cupid cut them.  I just had to smile at a 5 foot post next to a 10 foot post, next to a 8 foot post.  We found out a week later that we have to dig out the posts along the ridge because her neighbor went and complained to the city people and they said the posts were too close to the road if they ever decide to expand the road.  :)  Elder Jeppson with the pick axe, below.  
You can see the ridge I am talking about in this picture.  Sister Cupid's house is the tiny house in the far left corner.

Sister Tilby and Sister Lapides
Sister Cupid teaching us how she mixes cement.  

A few pictures of her neighbors house with yard full of ducks, chickens and goats.

 A few of the new baby goats.

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