Friday, February 20, 2015

Youth Camp February 15-18, 2015

To get our youth away from the lure of "Carnival" Sister George organized a youth camp at Arnos Vale Beach.  Arnos Vale was once a beautiful resort which has been abandoned, vandalized and in a state of disrepair.  There is a caretaker who lives here without water or electricity.  We met the owner and he said the property was in the process of being sold and gave us permission to use this covered patio for our camp.  Below the youth are having morning devotional.  We had 18 youth and 6 adults attend.

 The Walters brothers in the tube....James and John and their mother Sister Williams.
 The youth slept on the cement floor.  Many only had a thin blanket or sheet under them.  
 Caretaker Sham and a friend.  When we first met Sham he was pretty gruff with us but over time he really warmed up to us.  He joined us on several occasions and was very helpful with anything we needed.  
 We went on a hike and promptly got lost.  Sham's directions were not exactly clear.  Here the youth are waiting for our scouts to come back and tell us which direction to go.  Left to right...Christian, James and Renaldo.
 Jeremiah and Sister George
 The girls... Jermane, Leana and Diana with Isaiah in front.  

 Being the chocolate lover that I am, it was interesting to me to open up a cocoa fruit and see these white slimy seeds inside.  The youth took the seeds and sucked on them.  To get the chocolate the seeds are dried and crushed.

 More the waterwheel that was used to crush the sugarcane that was grown here in the 1860's.

 Brother George climbs on the old rusted waterwheel.  
 Sister George
 The machine that would crush the sugarcane.  

  Group Shot
 Destin George

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