Wednesday, August 19, 2015

39 Years

 Goddard Family
Established:  July 30, 1976
14,235 days together
12 Different Addresses
5 Wonderful Children
5 Incredible sons and daughters-in-laws
9 grandchildren
Countless Adventures
Smiles and Laughter
The most wonderful thing I decided to do 
was to share my life and heart with you!

39 Wedding Anniversary Celebration
 We decided to celebrate our anniversary by going up the Caribbean side of the Coast of St. Vincent.  It was incredibly beautiful.
You can only circumnavigate 3/4 of the island.  We reached the end of the road.  The rest of the island is not accessible by car.  We were not planning to come this far but it rained the whole day so we kept driving.
 On the way back we visited Dark View Falls.
 I am sorry that the only P-day clothes I have are Richard's shorts and the same shirt I wear in all our pictures.  Going across the bamboo bridge to the falls.
 A really big leaf.  Earlier today we saw two older women walking down the street using these leaves as umbrellas.  It was pretty cute.
 A visit to the place where they filmed, "Pirates of the Caribbean."  Still Raining!
 In the movie this is where the three skeletons are hanging.  

The rain put a damper on our plans and changed how we celebrated.  Kind of like our life.....we are constantly learning how to adapt and make the best of the situation.  Thanks Dear, for 39 fun filled years.

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