Saturday, August 29, 2015

Preparation Day Activity to Bequia

I love these missionaries!!  We were all thrilled to see one of the Grenadine Islands of St. Vincent, Bequia.  It was a short one hour boat ride to get there.  We all enjoyed the sun and watching the flying fish, dive bombing birds, and the jumping dolphin.  Front to back, Sister Aitiria, our newest elder, Elder Tulikikakau from Tonga (we call him Elder T), Elder Lawenitotoka (Elder L), Sister Layton, me and Elder Anderson.  Elder Anderson has been battling migraine headaches, but despite his headaches, he is always so upbeat and happy.   
Elder Hendry....going home in a few days, Elder Sabin, Elder Lindsey (sorry you can only see the top of his head), Sister Layton and Aitiria, and Elder Anderson.

Open air taxi.....a pick up truck with benches in the back and a canopy cover....a fun way to see the island.
 Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary...started by Orton King after he retired in 1995 and decided that someone needed to do something to save the endangered Hawksbill turtles.  There were tanks full of different sizes of turtles from babies to the large one that some held below.  

Sister Aitiria found that the turtle was pretty heavy.  
Elder Tulikihakau wanted to show us some of his skills learned in Tonga....climbing the coconut tree.
 It seems that every island has many fortresses built long ago to defend themselves from invasion.
A quick boat ride back and everyone was rejuvenated and ready to start another week of spreading the restored gospel.

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