Friday, August 21, 2015

Changes While We Were Gone

We were gone for 8 days and in that time Elder Cox left and was made an Assistant to the President.  Elder Hodgkinson, Elder Brown, Elder Evans and Sister Giles left for home.  Although we lost 5 missionaries we only got three new ones.  Sister Aitiria with her new companion, Sister Layton, fresh from the MTC.  We are losing Sister Aitiria next transfer in 6 weeks.  She will be returning home to Kiribati.  
 Elder Hendry (far right) will go home in two weeks, but he is ready to train his new companion Elder Lindsey (left) also right from the MTC.   Elder Sabin in the middle has been serving for about three months.   These three will be a trio for two weeks until Elder Hendry goes home on September 1st.
 We lost 2 elders a few weeks ago, so we now have three apartments that are empty.  Elder Goddard and I spent hours cleaning up the empty apartments and will give the 6 garbage bags of shirts, ties, and pants to members here who are in need.  We cleaned up a lot of clutter so that the new missionaries coming in will have space for their things and will not find drawers that are completely full of old missionary left behind stuff.  Elder Goddard is my hero because he cleaned all the fridges, stoves and floors around those appliances.  Gross!!!

We did want to take a picture of some well worn hard-working missionary shoes that gave their all to the very end. :)

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