Friday, August 21, 2015

Tribute To Richard's Mom

Tribute to an Amazing Lady
Raised as an only child, she was adored by her parents.
She married right out of high school and raised 5 wonderful children while taking care of her husband who was ill most of their married life.
She was incredibly talented.....sewing, painting, gardening, floral arranging, quilting and decorating.
She cared for her parents during their last years of life.
She was creative in making money using her talents.
She was always active in the church and served wherever called.
She was always kind and loving.
Her last years of life were difficult because of dementia.  She no longer recognized her children or could complete a sentence.  But, the last memory her daughters have of her is her love of singing.  She sang for an hour before surgery, every word of every song they sang from the hymns and Primary Children's songs.
She was the epitome of an always well dressed, gracious, classy lady.
We will miss you.  We know you are in a far better place with those who were anxiously awaiting your arrival.
Thank You!
Gloria Cecile Manwaring Goddard Obituary
 A display of some of her talents  

Tender Mercies
We know the Lord was showing forth his love to us with many Tender Mercies.
We were able to come home from our mission and get there before she passed.  Airplane flights just fell into place.
Kristi, Mark and Brendon were in Utah from Indiana for Mark's Dad's wedding.
Rachelle and Stockton were in Utah from San Diego to see Kristi while she was here and the rest of the family and friends.
Richard, Rachelle's husband, happened to be on a job that he could work from home and was able to drive up for the funeral.
We arrived at the airport on Sunday and all the family was there to meet us.
We were able to spend a week with the kids and grandkids halfway through our mission, going to soccer games, a picnic at the park, some crafting and shopping.
I was home at the same time my dear friend Janie's Dad passed away and was able to visit with her.
I was able to get the many things that I needed for the mission that I could not get in St. Vincent or Tobago.
I was able to see my Dad and my brothers and sisters and families.
We had the opportunity to speak in our ward about our mission so far.
On the way back, we were finally able to see the Barbados Mission Home.
Many tender mercies.

 Here are some pictures of the family together for the funeral. Brothers... Jared and Jeff
Monique, Stockton and Rachelle
Cher, Richard, Carol, David, and Jan
Cousins.......Jamie and Brighton

Jessica and Jonah 
 Jordan, who played, "Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning" beautifully!!

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