Monday, October 5, 2015

Always Changing

District Meeting on September 22nd 2015
Day before Transfers
Front Row:  Sister Aitiria, Elder Mitchell, Elder Lindsey, Elder Sabin
Elder Dancan, Sister Layton, Elder Merrell
Elder Lawenitotoka, Sister Goddard, Elder Goddard
Temporary missionary Sister Young and Elder Tulikihakau
Elder Anderson missed the photo?  
 September 23rd Elder Lawenitotoka went to Granada, Sister Aitiria went home to Kiribati and Elder Mitchell went to Barbados.  It took Sister Aitiria 7 days to get home.  She flew to Barbados on Tuesday, Trinidad on Wednesday, Then to Panama City, Santiago Chile, and New Zealand and then arriving in Fiji on Sunday.  She spent 39 hours there and then flew home to Kiribita on Tuesday.  We were so happy so see her post on Facebook that she arrived home safely.  What a great missionary....always happy and smiling.  We will miss you!
 The new missionaries arrived on Wednesday September 23rd.  Left to right:  Sister Lometo from the Marshall Islands, Sister Campbell from Arizona, Sister Norris who we served with in Tobago from Farr West Utah, Elder Ashcraft from Hurricane Utah, Elder Mikesell from Las Vegas, Elder Powell from Wellington Utah, and Elder Cox from Draper Utah.  We are back up to 14 missionaries and the sisters are especially excited to have 2 more sisters here.
Sister Campbell and Sister Layton
Sister Layton is the veteran here with 6 weeks under her belt.  She has driven the car from day one and is doing a great job.  It's up to her to teach the new sisters the area.  
 Elder Mikesell
 Elder Cox
 Elder Ashcraft
 Elder Powell
 Sister Norris
 Sister Lometo
 Meeting up with companions....Elder Anderson greets Elder Powell.  All four Elders are fresh from the MTC. 
 Elder Ashcraft meets his new companion, Elder Dancan.
St. Vincent went from being the oldest group of missionaries to being the youngest group of missionaries.  I love the fire of these new missionaries.  We set a goal as the St. Vincent zone to get 7 baptisms by the end of October.  Last month the entire Barbados Mission only baptized 7 people.  There are 7 islands in the mission.  We have 7 companionships on St. Vincent, so that is why we decided on 7 baptisms for October.  We hope we make our goal.  

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