Monday, October 5, 2015

Lunch Between Conference Sessions

How I loved seeing conference.  We were able to see every single session without any glitches or pauses.  It was wonderful.  Everyone was buoyed up by the great talks.  We shared lunch with some of the Elders between the sessions on Sunday.  Everyone loved sharing their favorite talks and the excitement of the conference.   
 Elder Lindsey, Elder Ashcraft and Elder Sabin.
Elder Dancan, Elder Tulikihakau, and Elder Cox
Elder Dancan and Elder Tulikihakau love my cakes and cookies.  Poppy Seed Cake today was a hit.
Today, I started practicing my pie making skills for Thanksgiving.  Only 6 weeks to get ready.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos. My husband and I have been called to serve in the BB Mission! We go to Provo MTC in Jan. We have also enjoyed the blog by the Clawsons. We hope to get to meet all of you. We look forward to hearing from the mission president as soon as he gets our info. But any insights you can give as we prepare to serve would be appreciated. Thanks!