Monday, October 5, 2015

Brother Drakes

Brother Drakes is a member of the Calliaqua Branch.  Years ago Humanitarian Missionaries helped him become more self sufficient by building this chicken coop.  He has about 20 chickens.  He sells the meat and also their eggs.  The coop is starting to rot, so we got him some more plywood to do some repairs.  He also wanted some dark green paint to paint the coop and brighten it up.  
 He is a humble farmer with a small garden, some goats and rabbits.
 This is the friend who will help Brother Drakes fix the chicken coop.  Brother Drakes ran into a tree a few years ago and has not had much use of his left side since the accident.
 His humble home consists of a small room for a kitchen.  Brother and Sister Bird got him the cook top.  He has another room for sleeping.  He has no water or electricity.  Every morning he comes to the beach by our house to have his sea bath.

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