Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hiking the Volcano

Elder Goddard decided that every three to four months we need to repeat the hike to La Soufriere, the volcano that formed this island but hasn't erupted since the 70's.  By doing this, all the missionaries that come to St. Vincent will have a chance to see it.   I opted to stay home this time.  Once was enough for me.  I hurt for a week after the last time.  The hike is basically straight up and just as hard on the knees and body coming straight down.  These missionaries are so fun.  Elder Dancan and Elder Tuiikihakau also didn't go, so they are not pictured.  Front to back, left to right......Sister Lometo, Elder Merrell, Sister Campbell, Sister Norris, Sister Layton, Elder Lindsey, Elder Mikesell, Elder Anderson, Elder Powell, Elder Cox, Elder Ashcraft, Elder Sabin.  
 Elder Mikesell
 The girls
 Ten of the 13 decided to descend with the help of ropes in the bowl of the volcano.   Many said the smell was so bad in the crater that they wanted to vomit.  I think one did.   
 The last time we went, it was so foggy we could not see the crater.  This time they lucked out and it was a clear day.    

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