Friday, October 23, 2015

Latter Day Saints Charities Container Arrives in St. Vincent

Latter Day Saint Charities sent a container of mens, women's, children's clothes and shoes and blankets to St. Vincent.  It was supposed to arrive weeks ago, but was sent to Kingston Jamaica by accident and finally arrived in Kingstown, St Vincent this week.  We were not able to see the container at the dock because of all the security.  The contents of the container were brought to a government building, Marion House, in three separate trucks and there the contents were put in three storage rooms.  Elder Goddard helps with the bales that weigh about 80 pounds.  It was hard work, especially because it is so hot.  
 The storage units also hold the wheelchairs sent a year ago.  They started with 350 wheelchairs and have about 100 left to distribute by the end of the year.

 A big problem was the location of the storage unit.  There were three steep hills they had to come down.  After the first truck was unloaded, they tried to get it back up the hill.  They were putting rocks under the tires to lift the backend enough to go up the ramp.  They are always in such a hurry and several times the truck fell off the rocks and took off part of the bumper.  It took almost an hour to get it back up the hill.  It was pretty scary.  It was decided to not bring the other trucks down that far, but by then it was dark so the rest of the unloading was done in the dark.

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