Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Assignment in St. Vincent

President Mehr asked us to watch over the missionaries in St. Vincent because the senior couple there had to go home for medical reasons.  We will divide our time with St. Vincent and Tobago at least until the end of June when the West Indies Mission gets split.  On July 1st St. Vincent will be in the Barbados Mission and Tobago will be in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission.  We cannot serve in both missions so we will be called to one place.   Here are the 14 wonderful missionary faces that we see when we are in St. Vincent.  
 Sister Tongi from Tonga, Sister Training Leader, and Sister Jensen new missionary from Utah.
 Elder Cox from St. George and Elder Jackson, new missionary, from Cedar Hills Utah
 Elder Spencer and District Leader of Kingstown, Elder Sheen both from Canada
 Zone Leaders, Elder Strong from Park City Utah and Elder Hodgkinson from Layton Utah.
 Elder Lawenitotoka from Fiji and Elder Morrison from Jamaica
 Georgetown District Leader Elder Merrell from Vernal and Elder Ropati from Samoa.
Georgetown Elders Perez and Rumbaca from the Philippines  
St. Vincent has two branches, one in Kingstown and one in Calliagua and a small group farther around the island in Georgetown.  There are about 500 members on the island.

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