Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roxborough trip to visit Madonna Adonna Villifona

Every time we drive the hour to Roxborough to visit the faithful Dookran family, Sister Dookran reminds us that we need to hike to the top of the mountain and see the view.  Madonna said she would be our guide but wondered if we could bring a few of her friends with us.  We invited Christian, Renaldo and Leana, but Leana couldn't come at the last minute so Niccoli came.  Her uncle lives at the top of the hill and this is a view of his house.    
 The view was indeed incredible from the top.  
 Left to right: Malcom (Madonna's brother) Renaldo, Madonna, Niccoli, and Christian.

A few things we saw on the hike.  Mysterious fruits....some edible some poisonous.  Imagine if you were the first people to find the island and didn't know what was safe to eat.  I bet they lost a lot of people that way.  

 A friend in the tree right by the wood rose below.  A Big rat!  
 Wood Rose
 Argyle Falls is right next to their house.  We could have just walked in without paying but decided we better be honest.  As we walked into the entrance we walked toward the building that we thought  was the place we paid for the hike.  The upper floor is the fire department and there were about 6 or so firemen just "limn" on the balcony.  They yelled to us and asked us where we were going.  Cute Madonna said, "We are looking for the place where the white people have to pay."  They said, "What did you say?"  She repeated the same thing.  Where do the WHITE people pay?  Black people get in free.  Then they all started laughing and laughing.  I am pretty sure they are still laughing.
 We made it to the falls and Niccoli especially loved being under the pounding waterfall.  

 Brothers, Christian and Renaldo
As we drove down the Atlantic coast we took pictures of what they call "the sea purging itself."  The shores are covered with this brownish seaweed.  In a few weeks it will all be gone.  

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