Saturday, April 4, 2015

Family Night With The Welsh Girls

Every Thursday missionaries go to the Welsh family and have family night.  Some times it is only the Sisters, other times just the Elders and sometimes it is all 6 of the missionaries at once.  This week is was all of us!  That makes for a big group.  We love these four sisters and are glad to meet with them weekly.  This week I taught the lesson.  We talked and read scriptures about how Captain Moroni armed the Nephites for battle in a time of peace.  The first armor he prepared them with was body armor, swords, helmets, shields etc.  We also have spiritual armor as we read in the scriptures.  Then the Lamanites copied and made armor.  Captain Moroni had to do more.  The next armor he did was to fortify their cities with high wall and fences.  We talked about how today we need both armors as well.  The best way to remember something is to have a hands on experience, so we put a person representing us on the board and built our spiritual fortress around us.  Each of the building blocks represented things they thought were important to do daily to build our spiritual fortress.  The play dough represented keeping the commandments.  The popsicle sticks represented reading the scriptures, the q-tips represented prayer, etc.  It was fun seeing how differently each person built their spiritual fortress.  Here are a few pictures of their fortresses.  
Elder Little is the first picture.
 Deyonce - 12 years old
 Elder Goddard having too much fun!
 Elder Goddard photo bombing the Sisters picture.  Sister Lapides and Sister Tilby.
 Deyonce with the finished fortress.
 Leana- age 14
 My fortress!
 Oma inspecting all the finished sculptures.  Big sister Diana got home late from work so didn't get to build a fortress.  At least she got a treat!
Diana and Leana were orphaned in Guyana when they were little children.  Their auntie in Tobago has raised them.  They all joined the church many years ago but their Auntie no longer attends church.  I admire these girls so much for being to church every week, catching travel, and coming alone.

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