Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good-bye Brother and Sister Bateman

Good-bye to our new dear friends the Batemans.  You were some of the first people we met when we arrived in Trinidad.  Although we didn't get to see each other often, when we did meet it was always an adventure.  You are the most down to earth, hard working, fun couple.  When I grow up I want to cook like Sister Bateman.  Her meals are legendary.  There isn't a missionary in the mission that doesn't rave about Sister Bateman's cooking.   I agree with them.....Thanksgiving, Senior Conferences and zone conferences always included your delicious meals.   Here's to some memories we have had together. 
 Thanksgiving and singing at the Trinidad Mall.
 Senior Conference! 
 Making sea glass necklaces.

 Your visit to Tobago and our hike in the rain forest.
 Showing off my rain forest boots!  Don't you love the outfit?  
 Visit to Fort King George where Sister Bateman decided to climb on the cannon for a picture. 

 Who can forget your "bush chair" episode.  That was a video for American's Funniest Videos.  Too bad no one was recording when you fell through the bush and we all couldn't stop laughing.    
 Still laughing!
Meeting up with Elder Little, one of your former missionaries in Sando.
 Rain forest flower

 Who's that monkey swinging on the rain forest vines? 
 Seeing the bats at Arnos Vale.
 The famous tree in the center of the island of Tobago.  

 We hadn't noticed these spikes on the tree until Sister Bateman was cut by them.  

 Some beautiful views!

Visit to the Mangrove.
Brother and Sister Bateman, you will be missed!   God bless you 'til we meet again.

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