Wednesday, April 29, 2015

St. Vincent April 13-22

Getting familiar with the streets of downtown Kingstown, the capitol of St. Vincent.  We learned where to pay all the bills, pick up the mail, where DHL is and where to shop for missionary supplies.
 Many people make a living by selling fruit, or vegetables, or underwear, or flip-flops, or sun glasses, or brooms, or drinks, or whatever they have.  They come to the three main streets of the capitol and set-up and take down everyday selling whatever they can to survive.
 This is one of the nicest displays that we saw.  

 The electricity wattage in St. Vincent is 220, in order to charge or use our computers, curling irons, hair dryers etc. we hook them up to this converter (top left) that changes the current to 120.
 This is the view from our apartment balcony.  Beautiful!  We went snorkeling everyday right out our back door.  It is great exercise and no we are not on a vacation!
 Another view from our  kitchen window.  
 Street vendors selling handmade brooms.
 The public transportation system is individually owned vans like this.  Each one is decorated with fun things like the one above.

Richard's first assignment was to release President Young and his councilors of the Calliaqua Branch. President Young has served for 20 years so his release will be difficult for the whole branch.  The new branch President called is President Carter.  (pictured below)  President Carter is a young convert of only a year and a half.  
 View from the Calliaqua Branch Building.  The bay in the foreground is where they do the baptisms.
 Sister James and her foster daughter.  
 Some branch Priesthood leaders and missionaries with President Carter.  

 President Goddard with the new 2nd councilor Tony Jennings, Micron (who has read the entire Book of Mormon 8 times in the last year and is planning to go on a mission) and another long time member.

The missionaries with some investigators and some members.  It was great to attend a branch that is totally functioning on it's own without the help of the missionaries.  

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